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Cadden Parfrey Services Tuscon, AZ
Cade Parker Stockdale & Co. Brigg, England cpsCO.CO.UK
Caisse Populaire de Shippagan. Shippagan, NB, Canada
California Power Systems, Inc. San Leandro, CA
Cambridge Positioning Systems Limited Cambridge, England
Camera Corner/Connecting Point Green Bay, MI
Canadian Paediatric Society Ottawa, ON, Canada cps.CA
Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons Scarborough, ON, Canada cps-ECP.CA
Capital Pride Singers Albany, NY
Capital Projekts Software, Inc. Vienna, VA
Carpenter Special Products Corporation El Cajon, CA
Card Payment Systems New York, NY
Card Personalization Solutions Co., LLC Allentown, PA
Carolina Printing Services, Inc. Hampstead, NC
CCPS International, Inc.
(Credit Card Protection Service)
Albequerque, NM
Cedar Preservation Specialists
(CPS Group, Inc.)
Hoffman Estates, IL
The Center for Performance Studies San Francisco, CA
Center of Personal Software Moscow, Russia cps.RU
(English: www.cps.RU/english)
Center for Public Service Communications Arlington, VA
Central Parking Systems
(Central Parking Corporation)
Nashville, TN
Central Point Software (now Symantec) Cupertino, CA (formerly
Central Purchasing Services St. Paul, MN
Certified Professional Secretary
(International Association of Administrative Professionals)
Kansas City, MO www.IAAP-HQ.ORG/cps/cps.htm
Chauffage Plomberie Services Villepinte, France
Chauffeured Parking Services Limited Surrey, United Kingdom
Chesapeake Promotional Services
(CPS Promotional Products, Inc.)
Chicago Power Squadron Chicago, IL cHICAGOps.ORG
Chicago Public Schools Chicago, IL cps.K12.IL.US
Childs Play Software West Midlands, United Kingdom
Christensen Production Services, Inc.
(a.k.a. CPS Inc.)
Houston, TX
Christian Psychological Services Lawrence, KS cpsKANSAS.ORG
The Christian Science Publishing Society Boston, MA
Cincinnati Public Schools Cincinnati, OH cpsBOE.K12.OH.US
City Public Service San Antonio, TX
City Publicity Service The Hague, The Netherlands
Claims Processing Service, Inc. Manchester, CT
Coastal Physician Service Ft. Lauderdale, FL cps.ORG
The College of Petroleum and Energy Studies Oxford, England cOLpET.AC.UK
Commercial Programming Systems, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Commercial Property Services Company Santa Clara, CA
Commonwealth Police Service(s), Inc.
(a.k.a. CPS, Inc.)
Assonet, MA
Community of Science, Inc. Baltimore. MD
Compagnie Parisienne de Services Suresnes, France
Compex, Inc. Anaheim, CA
Comprehensive Psychiatric Services Inc. Beachwood, OH
Compu Pro Services San Jose, CA
Compu Pro Systems Inc. Pottstown, PA
CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc. Dulles, VA (or
Computer Parts & Services, Inc. Plymouth, MN
Computer People & Software Ltd. Tel Aviv, Israel cps.CO.IL
(English: www.cps.CO.IL/fr_about.html)
Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc. Tucker, GA
Computer Placement Services, Inc. Melbourne Beach, FL
Computer Power Supply Sea Bright, NJ cps.NET
Computer Printer Services Paramount, CA
Computer Productivity Services Concord, NC
Computer Products & Services, Inc. Boca Raton, FL
Computer Programming Specialists, Inc. St. Louis, MO
Computer Security Systems Stockport, England
Computer System Products, Inc. Plymouth, MN
Concord Personnel Services, Inc. Knoxville, TN
Consolidated Printing Supplies, Inc.
(a.k.a. CPS, Inc.)
Kansas City, KS
Construction Protective Services, Inc. Gardena, CA
Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. Irvine, CA
Continental Personnel Service(s) Houston, TX
Control & Power Systems, Inc. Fairfield, NJ
Convention Planning Services, Inc. Orlando, FL
Cooperative Personnel Services Sacramento, CA cps.CA.GOV
Core Pacific Financial Group
(Core Pacific Securities)
Taipei, Taiwan
Corporate PC Source, Inc. Bensenville, IL
Corporate Performance Systems London, England
Corporate Project Services
(Corporate Project Solutions)
High Wycombe, United Kingdom cps.CO.UK
CP&S, Inc. Boca Raton, FL
CPS & Associates, Inc. Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
CPS-Chemical Products and Services A/S Kvistgaard, Denmark cps.DK
CPS Communication Production Services, Inc. Timonium, MD
CPS Communications, Inc.
(see also CPS Publishing)
Ventura, CA
CPS Computer Performance Systems AG Gossau, Switzerland cps.CH
CPS Corporation Franklin, TN
CPS Credit Union SA Limited Australia
CPS Direct, Inc. Woburn, MA
CPS Distributors Inc. Kansas City, MO
CPS Enterprises GmbH & CO Services KG Schwindegg, Germany cps-ENTERPRISES.DE or cps-GROUP.DE
CPS Environmantal Group Garden Grove(?), CA
The CPS Group Irving, TX
CPS, Inc. Westchester, IL
CPS Informationsverarbeitung GmbH Stuttgart, Germany cps.DE
CPS Insurance Services Irvine, CA
CPS Products, Inc. Hialeah, FL
CPS Publishing
(see also CPS Communications, Inc.)
Ventura, CA
CPS Systems Incorporated Palm City, FL
CPS Systems, Inc. Dallas, TX
CPS Systems, Inc.
CPS Systems Pty. Ltd.
Woodbury, MN
Sydney, Australia
CPS Technologies, Inc. Sumter, SC cpsTECHSC.COM (or cpsTECHNOLOGIES.COM )
CPSystems, Inc. Richmond, VA
Creative Property Services Santa Rosa, CA
Credit Plus Solutions Group Harrisburg, PA
Critical Path, Inc. San Francisco, CA cp.NET
Critical Path Software Incorporated Portland, OR
Crop Production Services Greely, Colorado
Crown Prosecution Service London, United Kingdom cps.GOV.UK
CTS Network Services San Diego, CA
Customized Platform Services, Inc. Desoto, TX
Customized Power Services, Inc.
(a.k.a. CPS, Inc.)
Zanesville, IN
PCS SystemTechnik GmbH Munich, Germany
Productive Computer Sofware Ltd. Peterborough, United Kingdom
SCP Communications, Inc. New York, NY